Tracy Gold's scenes

Sorority Secrets

A sorority school is a paradise for those who love beautiful, passionate, but naive teenagers craving for love, and exploring their newfound sexuality. They need someone to guide them on the mazy roads of sensuality, and satisfy their burning desire. Why couldn't it be you?

Just an angel

Sometimes the angelic appearance turns out to be ridiculously fake. Her parents leave Tracy, the seems innocent little blondie at home with the strict babysitter, Katy. The parents don't know anything about how she behaves when they close the door... but there's someone who knows everything about Tracy's naughty games: no other than the babysitter. What's more Katy proves herself to be not just a strict babysitter but a mighty mistress as well... and she's not afraid to punish this actually cocky little slut properly. This way Tracy's nasty secret might stay kept from her parents.
  • Tracy Gold

    Tracy Gold

    Aisa, Morgane Tyler, Noleta, Noletta, Tracy
    December 12
    Hungarian, English
    50 kg
    165 cm
    Tracy Gold seems like a familiar name, but this isn't the Tracy some people would know from an eighties American sitcom. In fact, this girl is hardly as innocent, although she is very good looking. She was born in Hungary on December 12, 1988 and is in her twenties. Tracy Gold appears in European porn and has done some cock-stiffening scenes. She has a rocking hot 34-24-34 body and small A-sized breasts. She is 5'5 and 110 pounds and she has a smile that could charm the pants off of any man. Of course, not too many guys would pass up the opportunity to get a piece of her ass.

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