India Summer's scenes

Family Affairs

Holiday season starts with a quarrel between your wife, Abbey and your cute step-daughter. Kacey. Both of them want you to be on their side, so you have to find the golden mean. Your holiday to-do list isn’t short, so you should hurry up to manage everything before your wife comes back from her visit in Wyoming... A teacher, a neighbor and two sassy teenagers are waiting for you.

The MILF therapist

Desperate wives telling you their dirtiest secrets... Does that sound good? If yes, team up with our fake sexual psychologist who's on hunt for pussies and get your share of sex-crazed MILFs! Hear the confession of frustrated housewives, nymphomaniac mommas and cheating ladies – and get their remedies ready!
  • India Summer

    India Summer

    India Summers
    April 26
    Quarter sized flower on top of left foot
    50 kg
    165 cm
    India Summer was born a Taurus in De Moines, Iowa, of American-German-Irish ancestry. At 5'5 112lbs, her measurements are 32B-24-34. India has a tattoo of a flower petal on top of left foot. She also sports a navel piercing to complete the body art. In 2006 she entered the industry. India is a beautiful brunette with a slim body that is as pleasant as a summer day. India Summer graduated college with a BA in Education. Spent 6 years in finance before starting in the adult industry at age 30. Currently still in the industry. Married 10 years. Practices Tantric sex, meditation and yoga. Has appeared in episodes of Reno 911 and National Lampoon's Homo Erectus. Enjoys reading, sex, performing, swinging, nudity, swimming, nature, hiking and animals. This India Summer should not to be confused with the Canadian porn actress of the same name who does not perform in the US and who has not been active in the industry since 2006.

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